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November 2018 Meeting 

AACE Conferences- What Are You Missing?

The September 2018 meeting will be a Webinar (only) meeting and will be held on Thursday, September 20th from 5pm to 6:30 pm (may end earlier but we wanted to have plenty of time). The title of the Webinar is “AACE Conferences- What Are You Missing?”. The purpose of the Webinar is to have Section members who have actually attended recent AACE national conferences and regional conferences explain what members that attend can expect- e.g. who attends, how they are organized, what is presented and by whom, etc. and especially the value to AACE members from attending. We also plan to present an example of an actual presentation from the AACE 2018 National Conference.  


The webinar is being hosted by WebEx. While there is an option to join solely by phone, it would be best if you can join from a video connection as there will be a PowerPoint presentation as well. 

If you are an AACE Kansas City Section member and would like to attend this webinar but DID NOT receive an e-mail for it on September 13, please contact a board member listed on the "Leadership" tab of this website.

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